Areas of Expertise

  • Research based Educational Consultancy
  • Design and Conduct Capacity Building Programs
  • Develop Modules and Course Curriculum
  • Faculty/Teacher Development Projects
  • Faculty Development Program/ Professional Development Program
  • Design of Standardized Curriculum /Courses
  • Accreditation/Ranking& Rating of Courses/ Programs

Professional Development Program/FDP - Our professional development programs are designed for educators /professional working in media and communication institution/industry. We have standardized the training programs and keep updating it on the basis of ongoing quality standard research needs in media and communication education. These programs are further customized based on their requirements and expected deliverables.

Design of Standardized Curriculum /Courses – We help educational institution to make their courses/programs popular, valuable and credible. We offer quality research services in, mapping designing and launching courses/programs for present and futuristic demands based on institution’s philosophy and market requirements.

Accreditation/Ranking& Rating of Courses/ Programs - Our ranking and rating of educational programs are based on 25 years of experience in developing scientific and rigorous research methods. These ratings are indicators of quality of educational programs and determines their market value. Every year we publish this rating and rankings to improve the quality of media mad communication in India and create aspirations to be a centre of excellence in their domain.

Ranking and Rating of Programs and Courses

Annual ranking of Media and Communication programs /courses-2015

Quality Parameters of ranking/rating of programs

  • Faculty
  • Student
  • Program Delivery- Knowledge ,Skill and Expression
  • Resources
  • Program Cost
  • Market Value –Reputation , Employment, pay packages


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