About us

Alliance of Media & Communication Educators (AMCE)

This association (AMCE) provides a platform for media & communication scholars to produce innovative, practical and quality research work in their areas of specialization/expertise. It helps in raising internal and external funding for collaborative innovative research initiatives relevant for industry and academics. It works to strengthen linkages between the media industry and academic institutions.

This association activities are designed to transform media and communication education by standardizing the process, systems, knowledge, skills and teaching techniques of media education in the country.

It has research driven resource center on media & communication education and members can access resources, share best practices, interacts with faculty, industry professional and government.

Membership Benefits
(a) Membership to the AMCE offers a platform to meet colleagues from other colleges and universities to discuss issues, share learning’s in a systematic and consistent manner.
(b) Members will have access to reports, reference guide, teaching tools of journalism and mass communication on offer.
(c) Members will be updated about upcoming events organized by the association or other organizers.
(d) Members will be updated about jobs and other news related to journalism education and the professional developments as well.
(e) Members will have to access to AMCE Journal and Publication. They will get opportunities to contribute in their area of expertise /specialization.
(f) Members will get help in raising the fund for their original and innovative research work.
(g) Members will get exclusive opportunities/ special benefits in our Programs like FDP, conferences, workshops, etc.
(h) Members will get grant/ fellowship for writing/publishing original textbook on Indian media and communication.
(i) Members will be part of our larger initiative like standardizing media and communication education in India, designing model curriculum, teaching techniques, etc.
(j) Members will get the opportunities to work with media & communication industry /institution as an academic/industry resident scholar through academics-industry exchange program.
(k) Members will have access of relevant stakeholders of media and communication industry.