About Us

CMS Academy is a training and resource centre committed to provide quality Professional Development Programs (PDPs) in media & communication education. It is an initiative of 25-year-old multidisciplinary research outfit CMS. It conducts innovative Research, Advocacy and Capacity building in Social Development, Environment, Communication, Media and Transparency issues to work towards a vision of Responsive Governance & Equitable Development. (www.cmsindia.org)

The Academy was founded with a vision to develop innovative capacity building programs to promote responsive governance and equitable development. It’s research based Professional Development Programs specifically focus on innovation and enhancing quality standards of the education system in the country. Programs are designed to ensure existing systems of the country are strengthened by the Academy’s collaborative initiatives. Keeping in mind this vision CMS Academy has developed the following objectives.


  • Shape media & communication education policy based on research
  • Standardize media &communication education in India
  • Develop quality standards by generating a resource on curriculum, trainers and systems
  • Design model curriculums and teaching practices
  • Generate interaction among stakeholders through activities, forums, seminar, reports


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